Authenticate and track & trace with MagID’s
patented, invisible coding abilities

MagID is a patented technology that sits between NFC/printed electronics and visual barcodes. MagID codes can be printed using readily available MICR ink, so it is cost-effective at scale and can be created anywhere. MagID does not include antennae or chips, so it is environmentally sustainable, both at production and at end-of-life. MagID can be covered or embedded, therefore it does not interfere with branding and is protected from dirt, cleaning, scratches. This also means that MagID codes will last many decades and remain readable.

Inspectron has a range of scanners to read the MagID codes. Readers involve state-of-the-art magnetic sensing technology, but remain cost-effective. Currently scanners are aimed at manufacturers and distribution channels, for use in brand protection, authentication and track & trace

MagID is part of VerasID, Inspectron’s secure Track & Trace platform, which has been developed to be totally flexible. Every client can run their own applications, on their own servers, allowing full security (and GDPR compliance). Upon scanning, the data log is updated. This data can be accessed anywhere in the supply chain, so you can track where an item came from, its destination and usage.


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